Creating the artwork for Arctic Auditories – Background and Reflections

Creating the artwork for Arctic Auditories – Background and Reflections

Hi, I’m Jane, the one behind the artwork for Arctic Auditories. I’m a self-employed artist and illustrator and joined this wonderful group of people and their project in 2022 to support the visualisation of their emerging work.

My idea for the logo and background artwork for Arctic Auditories was to create a series of images that visualize the diverse and changing sounds, climate, water, and land of the Arctic region. By using ink and watercolour on wet paper, I could create beautiful bleeds and blooms between areas of colour and allow the watercolour to flow on the paper and create different structures and shapes which represent land and seascapes (hydrosphere).

The transparency of the colour allowed me to overlay structures (which I have also done digitally) to create a composite image to show the different dynamics of sounds.

Some of the watercolours I created myself using algae and sediment from the Arctic Ocean because I wanted to add to the story of the artwork in a way that aligns with the project and its deep connection to water and place.

During this process, my little art studio looked a bit like a small lab, but it is always amazing to see what colors you can make from different natural ingredients and how you connect with and learn from nature when you work through this process.

For the website, I animated the background layers together because animations evoke strong emotions and can speak to us on a deeper level. It is a form of storytelling and lets the viewer feel the land and the sounds.

I am now curious about the further research results of the group, to see how this will change and adapt the artwork, but also how it will finally be put together in the exhibition.