We are looking for people who want to join us in exploring the sounds of Tromsø.

Arctic Auditories – Hydrospheres in the High North (NFR NFR 325506, 2021-25) is a research project that aims to map soundscapes around water areas in Troms/Sápmi. We need participants who can take part in a short walk (20 min) or a sound sitting next to an area of water in Tromsø, and who take part in a group interview afterward (40-50 min). The interview is more of a conversation about what sounds you have heard, and impressions you have gained during the walk or sitting.
These interviews will be used as part of a museum exhibition in 2025 at the Polar Museum which will illuminate aspects of climate, water, and the environment through the sounds that are there. Are there any sounds that have disappeared/become amplified over time? What feelings are associated with the sounds that are there, and what knowledge is associated with these sounds? We have found people who have a connection to the sea, water, and Tromsø and asked them to create a short route that includes small stops or found a meeting place where we will focus on the acoustic and audible, and these people will guide us on this short trail.

Soundwalking as a method is probably an unknown phenomenon for many, and although it has its limitations, it is used here as a knowledge-promoting link between generations, cultures, ages, and languages. Furthermore, sound walks can focus on regional/local belonging and knowledge formation, since certain sounds signal different experiences, memories, and natural events particular to this region. At the end of the project, we want to give this methodological tool back to the local community for their own use, with the hope that it can contribute to positive and empowering changes freed from climate anxiety.

This project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council, and we follow strict rules for the storage and processing of collected data in collaboration with UiT, NTNU, the University of Bern, and the University of Arts London. Participants have all rights and opportunities to withdraw their participation or request the anonymization of their data at any time. We hope you’d like to contribute!

For more information, write an e-mail to katrin.losleben@uit.no or paula.mikalsen@uit.no. We hope you would like to participate!