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Sound and Water

“Arctic Auditories – Hydrospheres in the High North” (NFR 325506, 2021-25) is an interdisciplinary project based in feminist methodologies. It engages scholarship and methods from sound arts, human geography and applied ethnomusicology to develop strategies for understanding environmental change through sound. Focusing on water environments, the ultimate aim of the project is to deliver innovative inter-disciplinary, empowering, and democratic listening strategies to help individuals and society more broadly, cultivate radical imaginations of futures beyond environmental anxiety.

Diverse methodologies

Through engaging in diverse listening processes, we seek to understand collectively non-hegemonic knowledges about how humans and more-than-humans live by, with, and in changing Arctic waters. On this basis, we aim to provide additional layers to the cartography of the High North. The findings will be conveyed to the wider public with an exhibition at the Polar Museum in Romsa/Tromsø.